September 30, 2022

Puri Matha Info

List of Best Famous Mathas in Puri

These Informations are regarding the Mathas in Puri that are most popular, famous and influential with almost all major god deities being worshipped for lord devotees. here is some “list of Best Famous Mathas in Puri“.

The best thing is that these mathas are hygenic and proper condition to live is space around and affordable in budget as well. Many devotees used to prefer these mathas when they visit puri to take lord jagannatha’s darshan.

As people from all around the globe come for lord jagannath darshan from United states of america, Europe, United Kingdom, spain, russia, and many other countries.

List of Best Famous Mathas in Puri 2021
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List of Best Famous Mathas in Puri

1) Papudiya Matha

Address: Beside Jagannath Temple, Puri

2) Raghava Das Math

Address: Bada danda sai, Puri

3) Jhanzapita matha

Address: Bada danda sai, puri

4) Bada Santa math

Address: markandeshwar street, Puri

5) Bada chhata matha

Address: Badadanda sai, puri

6) Shree Chaitanya gaudiya math puri

Address: Grand Road, near Town Thana, Puri, Odisha 752001

7) Nilachal Gaudiya math puri

Address: Plot No 47, Baliapanda, near Gandhi Labor Foundation, Puri, Odisha 752001

8) Govardhan math puri

Govardhan math info puri
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Add: Adi Sankaracharya Peetha Rd, Goudabad Sahi, Puri, Odisha 752001

9) Gopinath Gaudiya math puri

Address: Penthakata, Puri, Odisha 752002

10) Purushottam Gaudiya math puri

Address: line 2, Goudabad Sahi, Puri, Odisha 752001

These are some few of the matha information i have jotted as per my experience visiting these places but you can search on the internet for more information about numerous shelter places you want to know about while visiting puri dham.

You can later on share your views about your experiences when you visit puri dham and stay on this matha or any other that is notlisted above feel free to share your opinions on comments so that readers can know the proper information about other mathas which you visit or stay at.

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